Example Content

Explore the example content to see how things work, or use it as a start for customization.

🧩 Example Content

You'll find all example contents within the folder Sickscore Games > HUD Navigation System > _Examples. Simply copy e.g. HUD prefabs and adjust things as you like.

Examples are a good starting point for customization.

  • Example Scenes: It's always good to play around in our example scenes before you integrate HNS into your own project.

  • Example Settings: Some Element Settings used in our example scenes, which are shared between multiple HUD Navigation Elements.

  • HUD Prefabs: Here you'll find the example prefabs for the different features of HNS. These are used in our example scenes. It's a good practice to copy them and adjust them to your needs.

  • Scene Configs: Used in our example scenes. You can always create your own Scene Configurations to adjust settings between different scenes.

  • Scripts: Some example scripts used in our example scenes. It might be worth checking some of them for reference. You can find more example scripts within _Examples > Example Scene > Scripts.

  • Textures: Some example textures used in our example scenes. You're allowed to use all textures and icons for your own projects aswell!